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Kitties! Meow meow papercraft

Ah, excitement lingers in the air... a new sewing machine may be in my near future! Mine is old and starting to crap out on me. So, rumors are that new sewing machines don't make big, loud CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK noises while sewing, the pedal doesn't get burning hot to the touch after mere minutes of use, and... get this... I hear that new sewing machines actually sew in a straight line!!!! Isn't that something?!
As promised, I hade a set of hangtags featuring doodled kitties. Now, let it be known, that I love cats. I do NOT love having cats. I don't think I ever want one, but I think they are so funny... and soft.
Now that we've cleared that up, may I present sad kitty.
I has a flavr.
Good night, everyone :)
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Nate True said...

I like the one where big kitty is waving his tail for little kitty to play with.

Mallory said...

Your doodles are awesome and I love these hangtags. What kinds of things do you use them for?

Kira - said...

Thanks for the compliments!! :D

I usually will loop a string or ribbon through the little hole at the top and attach them to handmade gifts as a label and write something on the backs of them... Or I'll glue them onto the front of a blank card if I need a quickie card!