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Resin Bottlecap Fridge Magnets

Aha! I poured a batch of resin bottle caps because I had need of some for a swap or two! I made a set of magnets for my fridge... Here they are holding up an octopus painting that I did for my husband a while back..
Here's a little tip for anyone out there who wants to have a go at making bottle cap stuff: The inside circle picture piece in the bottle cap is precisely the size of a US quarter. Its really helpful when you need to trace something. What I did here was trace a quarter to make little bases out of a cereal box (just like an ATC or inchie base), then papercrafted away. Another thing that is helpful is to hot glue the circle piece in before you pour the resin. Sometimes these can be unexpectantly buoyant in the resin, and it's frustrating when your artwork wants to float up to the top and not be properly covered by the resin....
Here are my favorites. I loooove the funny narwhal, mostly because there was a narwhal in the movie "Elf."
I made more bottle caps that didn't end up becoming magnets, but I'm sure they'll find a place eventually. This shall be my 182nd blogpost, I think, and I'm going to try to do a giveaway every 100th post.... 200 is coming up soon! Maybe I'll do a little variety prize package? :) Stay tuned!
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Christia said...

Ahhh! the Narwhal totally reminded me of Elf before even reading your love of Elf! :) I also love Zoey Deschanel/Jovie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much for the bottlecap tips. I'm just starting a few of my own (have yet to buy resin). The tip about the quarter ... priceless!

:) Thanks!