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Time Capsule from the early 1990's

When we moved, I unearthed a box of old stuff from my childhood that I haven't looked at in years. There were a lot of old drawings and books I made from when I was ages 5 to 8. I had a good laugh at some of the crazy things I drew as a little kid, so I thought I'd share some OLD art today.
This is a set of drawings from a book I made about jelly beans. Jumping beans, beans stuck to the ceiling, beans on someone's feet (with one saying, "Oh, girls!" for some reason)
Here we have a squirrel complete with bushy tail, bucked teeth and what appears to be an acorn in its paw.
A set of random drawings. The first one looks like a turtle with a yellow umbrella, then an angry bunny or something, an oval making a stupid face, then I'm guessing a picture of my childhood budgie.
Aaaaaaand in case you needed a reminder, there were no dinosaurs in 1993.

Haha, I hope you enjoyed these! I love looking at little kid's drawings, so if you have any that you did as a kid, or your kids did, please oh please do a post like this. Comment and leave a link to it, because I'd love to see some hilarious/adorable kid art!
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Alexz said...

So cute! My kids at work have drawn some hilarious things for me, and are not drawing yetis for me. I will scan some and post it!

Kira - said...

:D I can't wait!!!!

Jodi Kendall said...

soooo cute!

and this could be the best blog title I've ever heard of ;)

Jodi Kendall said...

Hi Kira! thanks for visiting my blog and your comment about the garbage scavengers ;) I'm thinking this international info will lead to something for my nat geo WILD blog.... and yes, blogs must be drama-free zones! :)

p.s. I'm giving away an Anthropologie scarf - check out the post on my blog to enter, it ends tomorrow @ midnight! Good luck.

Audrey said...

oooo, what a great idea! I might look through some of my old art!!! my dad has boxes of it!!

MafiosaGrrl said...

OMG, i freakin love these!! I can't decide which one I like more- angry bunny or no dinos!

ps. I'm posting my 7 things today!

Thea said...

I especially love the dino one. It is soo true.