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Twinchies Banner for YW!!

I made a banner as decoration for our Young Women's room at church! It was pretty plain in there, and the leaders agreed it needed a little spice. I had the idea on Thursday night at the Stake training meeting... So here it is, DONE! I used that watercolor texture I painted a few nights ago, along with another sheet of it... Cut it all up in 2" by 2" squares, then gluesticked em to twinchie bases made from recycled cereal boxes! I had the pre-cut letters, which was awfully convenient. I had to paint them with a a white acrylic wash to up the contrast, though. Add some sequins and BAM! Pizzazz!

It was really tough to get a good pic of the whole thing because it's so stinkin' long.
Ignore the horribly messy table, but this is the whoooole shebang :)
The scripture is "Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works." Mosiah 5:15

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Christia said...

LOVE this! Like love.