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Easy Easy Bird Toy

Since I noticed my sun conure, Peanut, loves to munch yarn, I thought I'd make him a little treat!

I didn't follow a set pattern, but to start out, I did 8 single crochet in a magic ring, then continued to increase 1 in every other stitch as I went around until it fit around the base of the peanut.
I just kept going in the round without the peanut inside, and eyeballed how deep I needed to make it.

Finally, I slipped the peanut in and continued to sc and cover the peanut, decreasing and skipping stitches until the peanut was enclosed!
It's a big hit. Peanut enjoying his peanut! He loves this thing so much, that I'll take it from him and walk off. I show it to him and he flies over, grabs it, and carries it back to his perch to munch :)
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