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Up-cycled Envelopes

Sorry everyone! It's going to be an old project featured today, unless I make something else later on this evening! I've been working on swap projects that I can't quite post here yet... I've got lots of swaps to craft for, and I just signed up for another >.<
These are envelope sets I made from old discarded/damaged books!
I made about 250 to 300 envelopes in this fashion... Basically, you carefully unfold an existing envelope to get your template. I traced around this template onto some thicker material. A good choice is the back or front side of a cereal box. Just cut out the envelope shape, and you've got yourself a thicker, more durable template.
Next, you find some crappy old books at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. Tear out the pages and use your template to trace & cut out the envelope shapes. Fold em up, then finally use a gluestick to seal where it needs sealing :)

These are just a few of my favorite sets, but believe me, there are MANY MORE. This is such an easy project with delightful results. It's a good way to make interesting envelopes to go with handmade notecard sets.
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