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Tie-Dying with watercolor!!!

Next week, the YW are doing tie-dye for the Wednesday night activity. We're going to do a trial run on next Tuesday, so I thought I'd do a teeny tiny trial trial run with a scrap of cotton fabric & watercolors.
I used the spiral tying method, because it's the coolest pattern, and most likely what the girls will want to do. The scrap of cloth I used is only about 7" x 7", so it was a little difficult to handle. I ended up twisting the spiral with my needle-nose pliers and instead of rubberbands, I wrapped the outside with embroidery thread.
Using my paint brush, I applied some pretty concentrated pigment to the outside, then touched a little bit of water onto each section to help the color penetrate the fabric...
I unraveled it pretty much right away and said aloud, "Oh heck yeah!" I think I could have applied more water to the green section, as it didn't really get through as well as the other sections, but meh, I think it looks RAD! I'll probably make another one of these in the right size for my journal, and make a psychadelic art journal entry.
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