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Octopus and Fishy Hand-carved stamps

I worked on a TON of swap projects today...So unfortunately, I can't post everything I made today :( I will someday, once they're all sent out to my swap buddies. I'd hate to ruin the surprise!
Here are a couple of thingies I can post! I carved two more stamps today! I needed some fishy things for papercrafting, so I did these guys up.
Surprisingly enough, this simple-looking octopus was WAY harder to carve than the fish. I think it was all the twisty twisty tentacles. You can see how I wasn't able to get the edges perfectly smooth because of all the tight curves. Oh well, still cute.

This fish turned out great, I think! My favorite part is his front flipper. I have a feeling I'm going to be using this one a lot for all kinds of things...
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