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Flea Markets chase away the blues...

I woke up early this morning feeling pretty cruddy and down and disappointed. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I just parked it on the couch and browsed the internet, posted some junk of craftster, getting depressed and thinking miserable thoughts...That I'll never do a craft fair, I'll never have my own kiln, I'll never be a successful artist, I'll never be a mother... Blah blah blah.... Then I thought, Kira, why are you being so retarded? I am a woman, I feel emotions, but I have to realize that sometimes I go nuts and think silly things, and that's not me.

"GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" said my brains... I had to obey or stay in the misery that is wallowing in self pity. I made the choice to go to the flea market and get some fresh air and some fresh goodies.
I spent an hour and a half browsing, making it a point to smile to myself (there wasnt anyone else there b/c it's so dang muggy out). I like to smile to myself when I find something I like... It's my way of telling myself, "Kira, you are so dang clever." It helps me feel better. I got this total lot for fifty cents. FIFTY CENTS!!! A beautifully aged, nearly destroyed hymnal, a funny lime green old book from the sixties for when I start a new art journal, these cool polaroid photo-frame cards, two handfuls of glass marbles, and a set of oooooooold measuring spoons.
This is a papercrafter's delight... there are like 75 pages of dingy, fragile, old, worn, beautiful sheet music! The print looks pretty darn old, too, but there was no cover or anything, so I have no clue as to exactly how old it is.
I got some junky old stainless measuring spoons for measuring out my resin. Can't use the good ones!!! Then, some marbles to make some excellent magnets out of. With my new quill and ink, I think I can make some really great tiny drawings that will be perfect for marble magnets.
And my dog wanted to show you all the polaroid photo frame card in action. Basically, the front of the cards have a double layer, all you have to do is slide in the photo (in my case, I'll slide in the artwork), then use a dab of glue to stick the two front panels together. There were about 10 of these babies in a moldy-looking box full of spiders and cobwebs. Cool huh?

Yeah, now I feel a bit better. I'm off to my craft room to watch some LOST and do some crafting. Results to follow, as per usual.
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Christia said...

Awesome Kira! I love your finds! I am sorry that you're feeling sad though! HUG!

malooh true said...

Kiwi, I could use those buttons. Good find!
They are worth alot at joann's/