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little bitty birdie

Inspired by a bird-themed swap that I just joined, I thought I should start experimenting to see what kinds of things I can craft for it.
I made this cute little birdie! The body is 2 layers of felt with a layer of thin batting sandwiched in between, then was sewn free-hand (?) with the sewing machine. I thought it would be too hard to turn something this small, so I just cut it out very close to the stitches with scizzors. The eyes are a sequin, then a bead, on each side of the head sewn on with a needle and thread. Hey, that rhymed.
The feet and head plumes are made of cheapie jewelry wire. I think I could have done a better job with the wirework on the feet, but meh. I'll do it better next time around. I'll also sew in a ribbon loop next time, so I can use them as Christmas ornaments. I think it'll be fun to make these in all different colors, bead them, embellish, and whatnot.... This one is plain jane, but I like it.
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