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Birdie Welcome Plaque

Crud! I'm going to start running out of old projects to post! I've still been plugging away at swap items, so I have to post another oldie. This is the not-so-exciting welcome plaque I made when we first moved here.
Used some seed beads to spell out the word "welcome"
It says, "take off your shoes, or else..." I had debated on whether to put this or "Please To Remove Your Shoes." Growing up there was a sticker on our front door from Hawaii or something that said that, in perfect Engrish :) But the "or else" left so much more to the imagination....
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Nuna Wan Nurina said...'re really good...r u selling one of these coz we don't really have much in malaysia...keep up the good work..well im no one to comment ur work but its really good.. oh yeah dont bother reading my blog cuz its all in malay its just plain dad used to be an artist so im kinda a fan of arts n crafts n stuff....