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I looooove hand-carving stamps!

I carved my very very first stamps last night, and I was having so much fun that I stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime... I strongly recommend any crafters out there reading this: If you haven't tried hand-carving stamps, try it! It's so fun and rewarding...
So, to illustrate my progression, I'll tell you what order I made them in. #1 was the coral dove, #2 was the teeny pink birdie, #3 was the blue feather, #4 was the teal sparrow, and #5 was the black crow.
So, I had some extra twinchie* bases laying around from another project I'm working on (you'll see it soon, it's gonna be TIGHT) so I made some twinchies using my new stamps!
*A twinchie is a 2" by 2" little piece of artwork. There are also inchies, 1" by 1". They appeal to a lot of crafters and artists because you can get pretty creative with them and make a little piece of art without the effort it may take to do a huge painting or collage or whatnot. Yeah, it sounded pretty stupid to me at first, but little art stuffs are pretty satisfying to make, like ATCs, inchies, twinchies, etc. Plus, they don't take up a lot of room in my lil craftspace. I can just paste them into my art journal if I want to!

Happy weekend, everyone. And if you haven't yet left a comment to enter into the giveaway, DO IT! Your chances of winning are actually pretty decent right now :D
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Christia said...

I seriously love these! You are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how did you get them to be so lovely and detailed? I dont think i have the right tools. My first attempt was a penny didnt go to well but I like it in a crude cave man stylings sort of way

Tara Ethington said...

What are you carving into and what tools did you use? These are TIGHT.

Autumnkisses said...

interesting, I've wanted to learn how to carve stamps but I have never really gotten any farther than the thought. These are really beautiful, especially for making your first ones!

Kira - said...

The stamp itself is called mastercarve artist carving blocks. You can find them here
They are pretty much awesome!

The cutting tools I have are here:

Danni said...

These are awesome! I don't know how I missed your blog until now.

This is DanniQuee from Craftster, btw. :)