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Art Journal Pages!

So! I've gotten started on my art journal and it's so flippin' fun. It's excellent, because only so much (not much) of my art is something I want hanging on my walls. This is a perfect place to make papercraft and art....but it has a nice place!!!

Here is the first page... a good place for inchies! As I make ones that I want to keep, I'll stick em here.
This cute raccoon was on the cover of our free local magazine, Alabama Living, which is basically worthless. Not as bad as the Largo Leader that they'd send out in Florida. That was pretty much excruciating to read...
I've been infatuated with woodland creatures lately.... Here is a little mouse that I think looks a little like an armadillo.
More of my woodland creature obsession! Then, a zentangle inspired page. My favorite part is the sea monster
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Tina said...

For your art journal, do you use an old book and cover the pages somehow?

I am really intrigued by your art journal. I would love more info so I can try it out.

Love your bolg!

Kira - said...

Yes, Tina! I use an old book from the thrift store and paint it, collage it, cover it in fabric, paper, whatever :)