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Finds from the DIRT MALL

My sweet husband took me to this little flea market (i like to call them dirt malls) that I have been wanting to go to for a while now. Turns out, this place is junk heaven and much bigger than I thought. I didn't have a ton of time to look around, but I could have spent HOURS there. In addition to a pretty japanese dove mini-dish (for my favorite dipping sauce, ranchy-mustetchup) and a splendid little vintage lion ornament, I got these treasures:
I found a little baggie with 5 crochet hooks, a set of stitch markers, some needles & a bunch of emroidery thread bobbins, it was marked 75 cents. But the guy gave it to me for 50 cents. SCORE!

I've had my eye on this craftster thread for a while now, and wanted to join in the fun:
Basically, you choose an old book and turn it into an art journal by painting in it, drawing, pasting scraps, writing, pretty much whatever you want! I'm excited to get started on it. I found this awesome owl book published in 1954 for 50 cents.
It's mostly text pages, but every so often, there are some excellent black and white owl illustrations, or pictures of various woodland creatures (which I have been quite fond of as of late).
And my last find, but not the least! This hideous giant knit sweater for 50 cents! My husband gave me a grossed out look when I grabbed it and held onto it like I was ACTUALLY going to buy this monstrocity. I told him that I'm planning on making plushies and other things out of it, and he still gave me that "yuck" look. I told him, "You don't see it like I do, do you?" He said "I guess not, but I love you." and he let me buy it :) The colors on it are seriously wonderful..the picture doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to get some for fiberfill.... :D happy crafting for me!!!

What a glorious day
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Alice said...

gosh, you must have great thrift stores!