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Sweet Cuppin' Cakes! Felt/beaded altoid tin

Now that my swap partner has received this project, I can finally blog it!!! I was in this swap where we had to decorate an altoid tin and fill it with tiny goodies according to themes our partner specified. Her themes I picked were cupcake, stars, skully & vintage. This is the tin. I'm incredibly pleased with how it turned out. What I did was trace & measure the tin, then cut out the felt shapes. I hand-embroidered the design, then hand-beaded each sequin and bead with a needle & thread. Once it was done, I hot glued the felt pieces into place.

Here's a shot with the complete tin & all the goodies inside. See, I lined the inside with cupcake paper...

For a mini-filler, I made some teeny tiny notecards with tiny envelopes using paper designs cut from a vintage book.
I knew my partner collected inchies, so I made her a set of four, again cutting from a vintage book, then lining with sparkly gel pens :)

I folded a little origami box and embroidered a tiny skull on some felt to hold this cupcake shrinky necklace.
I made some other charms, little butterfly ones, star ones, skully ones, etc, and also included some cupcake stickers.
Then I made some tiny amigurumis, a cupcake and a little skull, then also some beads and tiny little skull & crossbones shrinky charms.

I'm pleased to say my partner liked it all! Can't wait to see what awesomeness will grace my mailbox within the next couple weeks
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hgddm said...

Ah! Just browsing through your old posts and wanted to say that I have one of those shoe cards!! My partner in the last matchbox swap must have been your partner for this swap, because she used one of the little shoe cards for writing me a little note. It's the gray and blue one on the end. Dontcha just love Craftster??