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My craft helper

This is my lovebird, Kitty. She is such a curious funny bird... I love her FOREVER, but no one else really likes her because she bites when provoked (or is she imagines she is being provoked). I know her body language, so I pretty much never get bit.
Sometimes when I'm crafting, she gets incredibly curious and WILL NOT stop chirping until I let her out. She sits right next to her little door and bobs her head, chirps, steps side to side and looks at me chirp chirp chirping. She's loud, so I get sick of it and just open the door.
She flies quite well, so she hops out (when she is ready) and flies over to see what I'm making this time. Maybe she thinks she can help...
Kitty will shoose some supplies and stand over them, making her claim. She'll threaten me by chattering her beak and cussing at me if my hands get near "her stuff". I just let her do her own crafting (meaning chew up/shred some scrap paper). Until I need to use the sewing machine, then it's time to go home.
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Christia said...

Man! You are seriously awesome! And I totally will always remember Kitty eating chicken pho!