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Friday, July 24, 2009

The thrift store bears FRUIT!

Went to a new thrift store today! I didn't have much time to look around, as I had to get home, BUT! I think this is going to be an excellent place for old books for papercrafting. Good book stock, and the book section is an absolute MESS. I feel devious thinking about it, because it's so horribly cluttered and exploded that I think it discourages many people from thorough browsing. That leaves more for me (BWahahaHAhahah!)
But hey! I found this generous stack of various crafting magazines for 25 cents each. I was delighted! When I got home, I immediately added up all the cover prices on the magazines (I've looked at these mags on the rack before and gawked at the prices, vowed never to pay that much... $5.99?! For a mag?!! Really?!) Well, cover prices, added up was close to $65.00!!! Fetch! I got this stack for flippin' $2.75! WHAT!!!
Then! Not as good of a deal, but still a find.... this set of wooden nesting boxes for $1.50. My mind was turning with so many ideas to alter these boxes! But I may keep one of them with the stupid kitty on the front because how weird is a baby cat with a little outfit on? With a balloon? Lol. Well, that's all. NO WAIT! I also bought a Pokedex for 25 cents :D
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