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Kittty Cat Cuff w/ Hidden Pouch!

I haven't done barely any knitting lately, because for some reason, I'm just finding it takes much longer than crochet! I'm somewhat of an instant gratification crafter, so I've been avoiding the needles...
But! For some reason I was compelled to make a cuff last night, and to make it have a secret compartment. It turned out a little small, mostly because I was impatient and didn't want to spend the extra 2 minutes to knit a couple more lines. I plan on sending it to my niece! She won't care if it's imperfect! It may be too big for her wrist, but she can wear it around her leg, or something. I think she likes to get mail at any rate.
I put a hidden pocket on the inside! Good for secret cash, secret notes, secret credit cards, photos, whatever...
Dangerous messy craft room in the background. Focus on the cute kitty face!
I think I'll make another, but make it less wide, and big enough to wear around my wrist comfortably.
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