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Random old Shrinky Dink Charms

Here's another go of old stuff. I'm feeling extra lethargic today, so if I post later, it may not be that cool. I love making shrinky dink charms. Here are some random ones from the last few months.
Teeny tiny charms! The first row is old school mickey mouse, next row is cinderella's bird friends, and the third row is just chicks. I LOVE Disney's style of drawing those little birds. It's just so unique and cute, right? I wish I had a shirt with a big old Disney bird on it.
This is a set I make for a swap. They are the various logos of 1990's classic Nickelodeon shows! Take a moment to get nostalgic.
Then, this is just a random group shot of some of the first dinks I made a while ago. Most of them have been sent to swap partners or have a place on my bulletin board.
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LaLa said...

You inspired me to use my Shrinky Dink plastic again! WOW...I totally forgot how much fun it was to use that stuff. Now that we can draw our own designs to cut on the Cricut Expression, there is no stopping us crafters. It will cut like a dream on the Cricut. I never use a cartridge, only my own designs and those that are shared with me. You could really make some awesome files for your Cricut with your talent! I can't wait to see what you will come up with next!