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I told you I'd be making some more interesting projects :)
Soooo.... I have this tote bag with a hibiscus flower that says "ALOHA!" on it that I've had for YEARS. It's my church bag, I bring it every week, put my church binders/books in it, etc. I decided that I needed a new bag when the young women nick-named me "Hawaiian" because I am totally not even Hawaiian. I crocheted this bag last month, but hadn't finished it because I was looking for the right lining fabric, and wanted to nail down a good toucan design for the front.
I found this AWESOME design on and fell in love with it. I had to have it on my bag. It's titled, "We Are Monsters." I kinda feel bad I ripped off the design, but I plan on buying loads of prints from them once I have a more abundant $ supply. They have tons of RAD and cute designs. I encourage anyone who reads this to check it out.
I used a lining fabric from my stash with a simple pattern and I think it goes with the design quite nicely! I even remembered to put pockets in. Two spots for pens, and a spot for the phone!

GAHHHH! I am so proud of myself :D
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Suzie Homewrecker said...

I found you on Craftster, and I think you're rad. Terrific work! Your sewing skills intimidate me.

Kira - said...

Sweet!!! I'm glad you like my crafts! Sewing skills? What sewing skills?! I like to think I'm getting better, but I am still quite a beginner. THANKS! I'll accept the compliment :D