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Sweet Threads, yo!

Y'know how when you rip fabric, there are all those little threads all over the place? So, I save those... crazy right? (Haha, all you crafters are thinking, shoot, I save that stuff too!) Well, today I attempted my first pseudo-spinning! Welcome me to the world of fiberarts, homies!
Basically, I don't have a spindle of anything, so I just spun with my fingers and wrapped it all around a pencil.
At first, it was kind tough, and I had a difficult time keeping the strand all one width...
Towards the end, I started to get the hang of it, but unfortunately I was out of fibers.
A quick transfer to a bobbin and now I'm good to go. I wonder what on earth I'll use this new string for... Hehe, maybe I'll crochet a tiny mouse-sized pot holder. Dangit, I don't even think mice cook.
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