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Loom-loom-loom! Lemme hear you say Wey-Oh! ( Wey-oh)

So, as previously posted, I found a rad weaving book complete with a loom at the flea market today and I just HAD to try it out.
Since I save all my odd ends and scraps, I had a bunch of stuff to work with(if hoarding crap is wrong, I don't want to be right). Here are a bunch of the different textures and colors I wove! I tried to keep similar shade-groups together and piece them so the colors transitioned relatively smoothly.
Since the piece was really long, and not too wide, all I could think of was to make a scarf. However, no offense to people who like that sort of thing, I thought it would be pretty tacky. Sooo.... I folded the piece in half, sewed down either side and made a monster stuffy! I should have paused and thought ahead, so I could add some arms and legs or something, but alas, error.
So here he is, I call him Bobo, the Benevolent Scrap Monster.
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chimes said...

Oooh I saw this on Craftster and then you commented on my blog... I saw the first picture and I was like SCRAP MONSTER!! :D

This is way too cute. I shall be bookmarking this blog.