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Monday, July 13, 2009

Takin' you back to the old school...

I have slowly been going through some odd 15,000 old digital photos from the last decade... I've been coming across a few old crafty projects, so I thought I'd take you back to the old school... Like highschool.... Enjoy!
This is a series of 3 paintings I did at the age of aboooout 14... They're in acrylics. I still have them lying around, and I think I might eventually frame them in a set for a kid's room. Maybe....

Here is a big set of earrings I made in my senior year of highschool. In HS, I worked at a bead/minerals/import shop called "Black Market Minerals" so I had access to all sorts of awesome beads and stuff. Whenever business was slow, I could just make stuff. It was probably the funnest job I've ever had. (Aside from this one)
This is a hilarious flier I made in my sophomore year of HS. My best friend Sarah and I each made one, planning to make copies and post them around town as a way to meet new friends. Yeah, we never did. Cool fact: I remember specifically, the hand petting the turkey in the upper left hand corner belongs to George W. Bush.

Haha, I know I did a lot more crafts and stuff growing up, but few of them I can remember and even fewer still are projects that I took pictures of. I know I did a lot of drawings on my body, like tattoos... I remember drawing this ridiculous giant phoenix in sharpie along my ribcage, down my stomach and on my hip, then going to the lake in a bikini with my friends. Some guys invited us to play frisbe with them, so we did. One guy asked awkwardly, "Is that a real tattoo?" then, embarrassed, immediately said, "Duh, no, I'm sorry, of course it's real..." BAAAHAHAHHA, good thing I didn't go swimming and have it wash off. Okay, memory time is over.
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