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It's a rainy day, fox.

Rain, rain.
I needed to sew something kinda happy.... So here is a quirky little fox. One of his eyes are a little wonky, but meh! He's made out of that angora I made the matryoshka stuffie out of. For him, I used the furrier side of the angora.
Ah, the rain! It's nice because it reminds me of home....but it makes me miss home, too. Gah, I can't wait till Christmas! I'll be headed back to the good old PNW.
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RemusRox said...

I love foxes! He's so happy and fuzzy, I want to take him home. I found your blog through Crafster and I'm glad I did because you have tons of amazing crafts. I especially love the Alice in Wonderland love going on. : )