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Various Nintendo Crocheted Pouches

Blargh, I can't recall whether or not I've already posted these. They are crocheted pouches with miscellaneous Nintendo characters stitched on from felt. All of them were unfinished on the insides and have been setting around for ages.
This morning I FINALLY got around to lining one of them and putting on a button closure. It's good for a book, I think. I'm pleased, because after reading the manual to my sewing machine, I, at long last, now grasp the concept of free-arm sewing, which will make lining these puppies infinitely easier.
Here's an old pic of the lot. The clefairy didn't turn out as well as I wanted. Darn you complicated pokemon!
This tiny boo one is my very favorite, though. I think I'll have to do a velcro closure on it, though. Make a coin purse or something. Well, he's a good size for a couple of credit cards. Remind me to sew on a loop for a key chain or caribbeaner (did I spell that wrong? of course, but I like this spelling; It is more tropical)
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Christia said...

Julian looooves King-Boo! :) Those are fabulous Kiwi!