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My hands: Just how many things will they make before I die?

This art journal theme is "hands" theme. I don't really draw hands especially well, so I just did some tracing.
Since I make so many things on a daily basis, I wonder how many projects I'll make, letters I'll write, meals I'll prepare in my lifetime. And I also wonder how my number of made-things will compare to the average person. I think if I ever find out, I'd be pretty smug about it.
In middle school, I was fascinated by henna tattoos, and a few times did them on my friends... I traced my hand for this one and tried to conjure up memories of what the henna designs looked like. It's crazy to me, that even though this is a drawing, I totally recognize this as my hand. I guess tracing adds that realistic element.
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Christia said...

Ki! I love this! You are amazingly talented!