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Motherlode of Buttons

After physical therapy this morning, I knew I had some good time to kill before my husband woke up. I thought, hey! Why not go to that thrift store? The last time I went, I found all those crafting mags, but didn't have ample time to peruse the rest of the store.
Bingo. There was a huge ziploc FULL of buttons for $2.00. Now, two bucks is on the high end of what I'll spend on a single find, mind you, but the sheer amount of buttons was breathtaking and irresistable.
This HAD to have been a seamstress' stash. I don't really have any immediate ideas as to what to do with them, but I know I'll figure SOMETHING out. If anyone reading this has any ideas, feel free to shout them out in a comment!
There were a lot of generic white pearl buttons, but these are my faves. There were even some teeny tiny buttons (next to the gold).
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Anonymous said...

Kira you scored on those buttons! They are a whole ton of money in any fabric store! You will find plenty of fun things to do with them :) Jeanine.

Mallory said...

What a deal! I'm very jealous. You'll find all kinds of things to do with those buttons, I promise.